External audits for information and control


We will not tire of repeating that EXPERIENCE has taught us that only PRESENTIAL surveys provide the quantity and QUALITY of information necessary to be able to implement a daily CONTROL system for personnel and services within the hotel.. Electronic systems are a complement to information, but inoperative for these purposes.
With the delivery of questionnaires to the clients themselves within the hotel, a massive and detailed collection of information is carried out, something essential so that the final evaluation of the services by the clients is unquestionable for all.
The results are presented within a few hours, with clients still staying. Shown to hotel staff in a personalized way using different communication channels, in addition to being immediately available on our online platform and in the PERSONALIZED APP of each director.
Our hostesses and our technical team, work in a synchronized way on the latest technologies, so that all the management personnel of your organization can have faster information, complete and efficient.
It is this massive and detailed information that makes it possible to sustain a "MASTER PLAN" with different analyzes that directly affect the PERSONNEL. This is how it is achieved, not only take corrective action, but the most difficult but important: INVOLVE EVERYONE in preventing them, which is the most efficient based on having satisfied customers.